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Helping increase your website visitor numbers by optimising your website

We help increase your website visitor numbers by improving its search enging ranking for keywords and phrases important to your business. Think of our website audit service as an MOT for your website.

    Target keywords and phrases

  • Facebook Business

    We'll spend time getting to know your business and putting ourselves in the position of a potential customer who is looking for your service or product.

    This will help us understand what potential customers are likely to be searching for in Google.

  • On-site search engine optimisation

  • Instagram

    We'll analyse your website and identify what needs to be improved in order to help increase its Google ranking. Is your content engaging and "attractive" to search engines so that they rank it higher than your competitors?

    Improve mobile performance and page speed

  • Twitter

    More than half of the visitors to your website are likely to be using a smartphone or tablet. We'll ensure your website is mobile friendly and downloads as quickly as possible which will help to both attract visitors and retain them on your website.

  • Off-site optimisation

  • LinkedIn

    As well as "on-site" optimisation, there are many factors external to your website which will affect its search engine placement. We will look at the many external influences such as links to your website and the quality and relevance of the links.

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Our search engine optimisation process

Our search engine optimisation service takes a comprehensive look at all the factors which Google considers when deciding where your website appears in search engine listings as a result of a search being performed, with a view to improving your rankings for searches relevant to your business.

Improving your website search engine placement will directly increase visitor numbers as a higher the placement will result in more visibility, more clicks and more website visitors.

Initial Chat

Whether it's on the phone, via Zoom or Teams, or in person, our initial search engine optimisation chat is always free of charge.

During this free consultation we will find out about your business and your reasons for looking into search engine optimisation. Are you concerned your website doesn't rank for keywords relevant to your business? Are website visitor numbers lower that you had hoped? Are your competitors dominating search engine results?

We'll find out about your website, how it was created, how long it's been around and make an initial assessment of it's "search engine friendliness".

Free initial website optimisation chat
Search engine research

Search engine research

You know your business better than anyone, so we'll ask you what you would search for in Google if you were a potential customer. What keywords of phrases would you type into Google?

Using this information we will research the frequency of searches using your keywords and phrases, the position your website appears in the search engine results and whether similar keywords are used more often than the ones you chose.

This research will form the foundation for the next stage of improving your search engine rankings.

Website content

Once we have established what your customers are actually searching for, we will thoroughly analyse your website to find out why it's not ranking higher for these searches.

We've been optimising websites for a very long time so we know what they like and what they don't like. What needs to be done to improve search engine rankings and, just as importantly, what is likely to see them penalise your website.

We'll draw up an action plan for the on-site changes which need to be made to your website to improve search engine placement.

Website content and search engine placement
External factors affecting search engine rankings

External factors

While the content of your website and the way it has been built greatly contributes to its ranking, there are may things external to your website which also influence how high it will appear in the search engines.

As with on-site website optimisaton, we have been carrying out off-site SEO for a long time and know the external factors which go towards determining website ranking.

We will carry out a thorough audit of the external SEO influences including backlinks and social media signals and attend to issues we find that are hindering website rankings.

An on-going process

The search engines are regularly tweaking their algorithms which decide search engine placement.

It is for this reason that search engine optimisation shouldn't be thought of as a one-off process.

Regular analysis of search engine rankings will highlight changes in placement at an early stage so that remedial action can be taken as soon as possible and before a drop in ranking has a negative impact on visitor numbers to your website.

Posting content to social media
Analysis of social medis activity

Stay above your competitors

Many websites have a website built and then ignore it!

The website is launched but there's no on-going search engine placement analysis or work done on improving and maintaining website rankings.

Use this to your advantage. Let us manage your website and keep it above your competitors.

Let's talk regularly

We are great believers in having regular contact with businesses we are working with.

Whenever you have any questions relating to your website please give us a call. If it's something we can answer there and then we will, if we need to do some research before giving you an answer then we'll get back to you quickly.

And if you'd like us to pop in to see you then just remember, we take our coffee with no milk or sugar!

Ongoing website support and maintenance
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